2nd press release

Prague, March 17th, 2010

Programme of the 18th Days of European Film

Prague: April 14-21 in Světozor and Lucerna cinemas, Brno: April 22-28 in B. Bakala cinema

The Echoes of the Days of European Film: Boskovice (April 26-29); Jablonec nad Nisou (April 27-May 1); Olomouc (April 25-28); Uherské Hradiště (April 26-28); Veselí nad Moravou (April 27-30).

The 18th Days of European Film will be opened in Prague's Světozor cinema on April 14, 2011 with a comedy Three (2010) by renowned contemporary German film director Tom Tykwer, famous for his films Run Lola Run and Perfume – The Story of a Murderer. His latest film tells an intimate love story about a successful couple from present-day Berlin. Journalist Hanna and architect Simon have an open relationship in which infidelity is allowed. In spite of it, their life together suffers a crisis after twenty years. They both find a way out in a new relationship that they, unbeknownst to each other, establish with Adam. Seriously, but at the same time with humour, the film looks into the lives of people in their forties who are searching for themselves, for a stable point in life and for their sexual identity. The main topics of partnership crisis and an atypical love triangle refer to the director's early films (Wintersleepers and The Princess and the Warrior). The film will be introduced at the festival gala opening by its main protagonists, Austrian actress Sophie Rois and German actor Devid Striesow.

The Prague part of the Days of European Film will close with a preview of a new Czech film directed by Tomáš Řehořek, Czech Made Man (2011), in the Lucerna cinema in Prague on April 21. Jan Budař will appear in the main role in this black comedy about how to make it to the top quickly. After his Changes (Proměny) and the semi-documentary film PIKU, Tomáš Řehořek, on whom Czech critics have pinned their hopes, has made a completely different film in terms of genre. Czech Made Man is one of the few followers of the hard-boiled school among the predominantly appealing, so called „good-hearted" domestic comedies, as well as one of the few unusual views of the past twenty years of Czech freedom in the open Europe, and in the open world, respectively. The original story was based on the narration of a contemporary Czech multimillionaire who did not achieve his goal thanks to tunnelling, orders and opaque links but instead succeeded via a very peculiar path of a „Schweik-like" self-made man. The festival screening of the film will be accompanied by a delegation of the film-makers headed by director Tomáš Řehořek and actor Jan Budař.

This year we will also bring a new section of films nominated for the European Parliament's award, the LUX Prize, which we have prepared in cooperation with the European Parliament – its information office in the Czech Republic. Another new section of this year is Film&Music that will offer several selected European films elaborating music as their main theme. Apart from these sections, the audience can again look forward to the section presenting some current European films that have been proposed for Oscar nominations – the National League, as well as a traditional section of the most interesting works of the European cinematography – the Best Of. Besides, we continue with the section To the Point that is focused on volunteerism and activism this year.

Detailed information on the programme is available on our website:


The DEF is also presented on the official Facebook.

The festival is held under the aegis of Czech Culture Minister Jiří Besser, Education, Youth and Sport Minister Josef Dobeš, The European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic and Bohuslav Svoboda, Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

The festival is organised by embassies and cultural institutes of European countries and the Capital of Prague, with support of the EC Representation in the Czech Republic, the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, The European Parliament – its information office in the Czech Republic, the Brno Culture Centre and Eurimages.

The festival's general partner is FILM + channel; the main partner is NOGUP agency.

The main media partners are public Czech Television and Czech Radio 1-Radiožurnál. The media partners are Lidové noviny, Lidovky.cz, Expresradio, Óčko TV channel, Respekt, Student Agency, Houser and Kinobox.cz .


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