3rd press release 2013


Prague, Světozor and Lucerna cinemas / April 11-18
Brno, Art cinema / April 19-25
The Echoes of the Days of European Film:

Jablonec nad Nisou (April 22-24, 2013); Uherské Hradiště (April 23-25, 2013), Boskovice (April 24-26, 2013), Ostrava (April 25- 28, 2013) and Hradec Králové (April 25-28, 2013).

This year, the Days of European Film (DEF) festival is entering a new decade as 20 years have passed since its establishment. The festival programme comprises films from all European countries. The individual festivals held from 1994 to 2012 annually offered over 40 films from more than 25 European countries. A number of the films were awarded at significant national and international film festivals and were made in international coproduction. The films are screened in their original version with Czech subtitles. Besides, the films have naturally English subtitles to meet the interest of foreign-language speaking viewers of the Days of European Film.


The 20th Days of European Film opens in Pragues Světozor cinema on April 11, 2013 with the Swedish co-produced film Call Girl directed by Mikael Marcimain. The film depicts events around “the Geijer affair” which shocked the nation and shattered Swedish politics in the 1970s under the government of Olof Palme. The then Interior Minister Lennart Geijer, along with others, was accused of seeking sex with underage prostitutes.

The film stirred up controversy in Sweden when the family of the late Olof Palme filed a slander complaint because they did not like the way Palme was portrayed in the film. The result was an agreement between Palme’s family and the producer that the controversial scene would be cut from the film, despite claims by director Mikael Marcimain that the characters were only loosely based on real people.

The film has won several prestigious awards: two FIPRESCI International Film Critics Awards (the best film and director) at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival; three Guldbagge 2013 Swedish film awards (the best cinematography, costume design and sound); and the audience award at the International Film Festival in Stockholm. Call Girl is distributed in the Czech Republic by Film Europe. 


The National League section will present European films that were nominated to represent their countries in the Oscar film awards competition. The DEF choice: Mushrooming is a black Estonian comedy on mushrooming and sweeping political affairs under the carpet. On the other hand, Finnish Purge is a rough film about scars from the past, opportunism but also about redemption for evil deeds.

The Lux Prize section includes films nominated for the European Parliament’s film award, the LUX Prize. The DEF choice: Barbara tells a story of a young woman, a physician by profession, from Eastern Germany who is transferred to the country where she is planning her escape to the West, while being permanently shadowed by the secret police. In Sister, director Ursula Maier follows the line of social film dramas of the Dardenne brothers. Little Simon is almost a professional thief at the age of twelve to support himself and his older sister. However, such cohabitation cannot last for long.

To the Point section will offer topics connected with the ongoing European Year of Citizens. Films in this section will always be presented by an expert on the subject, providing viewers with greater context and a more thorough introduction to the given topic. The film The New World, dealing with a group of activists trying to build a community centre in Tallinn, will be presented by a representative of the Auto*Mat civic association. The topic of illegal immigration, explored in the film Illegal Mama, will be talked about by Andrea Plačková, coordinator of the project Utilizing Migrants’ Qualifications at the Multicultural Centre Prague. The Slovak document The Gypsy Vote – humorous documentary about an election campaign of a Slovak Romany field worker who has decided to run for the mayor of a provincial town, and thus to become the voice of the Romany minority present representative of Slovo 21 o.s. Louise Wimmer is exactly such a warning against the rising gap between the absolute poverty and wealth – this feature film intruduce Petra Klingerová from Social Integration Programme of organization People In Need, o.p.s.

The programme again includes the Film&Music traditional section focusing on feature and documentary films exploring music as their main theme. The DEF choice: Last Call - Dresden Dolls – János Szász has shot the last tour of The Dresden Dolls American band after its reunion in 2010. It is an intimate view of the backstage and the lives of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione.

The Media section that has existed since last year will present the films that successfully drew financial support from the MEDIA programme. The DEF choice: Just a Wind – a highly acclaimed gloomy drama directed by Benedek Fliegauf depicts one day in the life of a Romany family facing the pressure of its surroundings and escalating racism. Antichrist – a “heretical” allegorical film by Lars von Trier about a married couple who take refuge in the woods where they find the hell instead of the expected paradise.

 The Best Of section gathers the most interesting works from national cinematographies during the past two years. The DEF choice: Wrinkles is an animated film about ageing and reconciliation with living in an old people´s home that depicts everything with humour and without sentimentality. The Irish Jump is a tangle of several stories occurring during New Year´s Eve. It brings together mafia and settling old scores as well as unfortunate accidents but also simple falling in love. One night – four human destinies.

 This year´s new section is €Docs, focused on exceptional documentary films created for large screen cinema viewing. The DEF choice: Fuck for Forest is a documentary about a group of activists from Berlin who are trying to raise funds to save rain forests by shooting environmental porn films. Whore´s Glory – in his latest documentary film, Michael Glawogger is exploring the world´ oldest profession. What forms of prostitution exist in the world and what is this all telling about us?


In Prague, the Days of European Film will close in the Lucerna cinema on April 18, 2013 with The Deep (Djúpið), an Icelandic-Norwegian film directed by Baltasar Kormákur. The film is based on the actual events of a fisherman fighting for survival on the ocean after his boat tragically capsizes off the south coast of Iceland. „Baltasar Kormákur now ranks among the most distinctive Icelandic film-makers. Originally, he gained fame as an actor (for example in the films Angels of the Universe and Devil´s Island by Fridrik Thór Fridriksson). Later he became a successful film director (his highly acclaimed debut 101 Reykjavík and Jar City that was awarded the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2006). He has managed to break through in Hollywood, too, where he has shot the films Contraband and Inhale,“ festival programme manager Zdeněk Blaha adds. Baltasar Kormákur´s latest film won 11 Edda annual Icelandic film awards and was shortlisted as Icelands candidate for Oscar nominations in the category of the best foreign-language film. Aerofilms will premiere The Deep (Djúpið) in Czech cinemas on April 25, 2013.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be hosted by the time-tested, well-proven and always funny Lukáš Rumlena (Cabaret Caligula, www.kabaretcaligula.com).



Saturday, April 20 / 16.00-24.00 / Lucerna cinema / Vodičkova 36, Prague 1

All film fans are welcomed!


The DEF will not end with the screening of The Deep! Not only that the festival will move to Brno, and then to other towns in the Czech Republic, but we will also celebrate its birthday in Prague! As a part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary, the DEF has prepared a “FILM HAPPENING” event for its fans. Programme:



16:00 / block of children’s animated films

18:00 / The Man Who Laughts / This film, loosely based on Victor Hugo's eponymous novel, features Gerard Depardieu, and was filmed in Studio Barrandov by Okko Production.

21:00 / Fuck for Forest / Berlin-based environmentalists are shooting porn movies under the slogan "Fuck For Forest" and using the profits to buy back part of the rain forest to help the natives in the Amazon region of South America.


16:00-18:00 / Aeroškola animation workshop for children, Czech Television’s Magical Playground workshop for children, mascots of characters from Večerníček animated bedtime story programme

16:00-24:00 / delegation of filmmakers, props and costumes from the film The Man Who Laughs, photographing in costumes, generous raffle, Slam Poetry Show, film flea market, stands selling film-related items, poster exhibition “20 Years With European Film”, and much more


Free entry for children under 12 years. Adult entrance fee: 100,- Kč (or free with a ticket to any festival screening).



April 22, 2013 / 9:30 / Cinema Aero, Biskupcova 1733/31, Prague 3

Seminar on current topics in the dynamic film world.


The DEF in cooperation with the Pro Digi o.s. association and Media Desk Czech Republic, has prepared another in a series of joint projects, the CINEMA 2013 DIRECTOR´S CUT seminar. The first half of the day focuses on statistics and the trends in cinema attendance as well as digitisation in 2012 and outlooks for 2013. The other part of the day presents innovations and summarises the projects for cinemas that can help them to increase attendance, either educational, marketing or technological projects. In the last part of the seminar, a networking session, film professionals can exchange their experience.


Accreditation for the seminar is free of charge.



March 18 – April 10 / European House

April 11 – May 11 / Lucerna cinema´s café

 The exhibition displays the DEF posters since the first festival in 1994 to date.

Several diplomats from European countries contributed to the birth of the DAYS OF EUROPEAN FILM: Giorgio Ficcarelli (Italy), Andreas Stroehl (Germany), Sylvie Dargnies (France) and Franta Wijchers (Netherlands). They noticed the almost entire absence of European films in Czech cinemas, and this is why they, along with representatives of other European countries´ embassies, organised the first “trial” festival with the aim to find out whether there is an interest in European film in the country. The main idea was to enlarge the offer in Czech cinemas by top-quality, significant works from the contemporary European cinematography.


The 1st festival opened on April 8, 1994 with the screening of Orlando directed by Sally Potter. In the following years, the DEF hosted such personalities as Ken Loach (RAINING STONES, SWEET SIXTEEN), Aki Kaurismäki (PIDÄ HUIVISTA KIINNI, TATJANA / Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana), Carlos Saura (GOYA EN BURDEOS / Goya in Bordeaux), Stephen Frears (LIAM) and others.


Free entry to the exhibition.




Ticket price to DEF screenings is 90,- Kč. Since last year, online ticket sale has been launched by Prague’s Světozor and Lucerna cinemas. You can not only book tickets, but also buy them online. We also offer tickets with various discounts; for example 45,- Kč for the elderly, the ticket sale on the “Slevomat”, tickets for any festival film for the price of 1 etc.


The DEF catalogue is available free of charge in all festival cinemas.


The concept and graphic design of the 20th DEF is created in spirit of its 20th birthday celebrations! The author of the visual concept entitled WE CELEBRATE BIRTHDAY is Bohdan Heblík (www.kofila.com).

 The team behind the 20th festival´s jingle:

Art director: Bohdan Heblík / concept by: Bohdan Heblík and Lukáš Veverka / director: Lukáš Veverka (www.parasite.cz) / director of photography: Vladan Vála / editor: Vojta Fric / sound design: Tomáš Bělohradský (www.sound4film.cz) / production by: FRAME100R (www.frame100r.cz)


A detailed DEF programme in particular towns, the sections´ list and description, a catalogue to be downloaded, photos, news and information on the ticket sale and accompanying programme are available on our website www.dnyevropskehofilmu.cz and on FB of the 20th Days of European Film.


The accreditation form for journalists can be downloaded on our website www.eurofilmfest.cz/akreditace. Please send the completed forms via e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Tuesday, April 9 at the latest. Accreditation cards can be picked up at the box office in the Světozor cinema from 18:00 to 20:00 on Wednesday, April 10.

 The festival is held under the auspices of the Czech Culture Minister Alena Hanáková, the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Svoboda, The Mayor of the Capital City of Prague, and Prague 1 Mayor Oldřich Lomecký. / The festival is organised by embassies and cultural institutes of European countries, the Capital of Prague and the EC Representation in the Czech Republic. / With support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prague 1 district and the European Parliament its information office in the Czech Republic.

The festivals general partner is FILM+ channel. / The main media partners are public Czech Television and Czech Radio 1-Radiožurnál. / The other media partners are Lidové noviny, Lidovky.cz, Expresradio, Respekt, Student Agency, ČSFD.cz and Šupito.


Mgr. Michaela Dvořáková (Hofmanová), PR DEF
Tel.: +420 732 372 424
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.dnyevropskehofilmu.cz
Postal address: Národní 28, 110 00 Praha 1


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