4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days


MEDIA - Journey Through Time
2007 / 113 min. / Romanian version with Czech subtitles
Director: Cristian Mungiu
Cast: Anamaria Marinca, Laura Vasiliu, Vlad Ivanov, Alexandru Potocean, Tania Popa

Gabita, a student, is planning to rid herself of an unwanted pregnancy with the assistance of her friend, Otilia. The year is 1987, and abortions are illegal in Romania. They have to find out who can do it illegally and, if possible, for not much money. Everything is ready, but nothing goes according to plan. The room where the “operation” is supposed to take place is not in the right hotel, instead of going to meet “Mr Bébé”, who is to perform the abortion, Gabita sends Otilia, who has promised her fiancé that she will come to his mother’s birthday party. Dealing with “Mr Bébé” is a nightmare, but the girls have no alternative but to meet his conditions if they want him to keep his promise.

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Světozor - Small screening hall Koupit vstupenku 16.4. Tu 20:45 

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