The Gypsy Vote


To The Point
Slovakia, Czech Republic
2012 / 72 min. / Slovak version with English subtitles
Director: Jaro Vojtek
Cast: Vlado Sendrei, Jana Sendreiová, Jaro Berky

Vlado Sendrai has a dream. He wants to enter local politics, not only to improve the living conditions of Roma in the area, but also to prove that change is possible through strong will and dedication. With the support of his wife, friends and the local Roma community, he decides to run for office. This documentary follows the election campaign of the maverick politician who suffers through difficult public appearances, travels to meet voters, and must solve election team problems. With wit and insight, the film captures the journey of the first Roma candidate into politics. Will Vlado manage to promote the minority voice of his people and realize his dream?

Awards: IFF Jihlava 2012: East Silver Eye - Special mention

Contact: Mandala Pictures, Mariánská 18, SK 90031 Stupava, Slovakia, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it csfd_logo



Světozor - Small screening hall Koupit vstupenku 12. 4. Fr 18:45 
Kino Evropský dům / screening for schools 17. 4. We 9:30
Kino Evropský dům / screening for schools 17.4.  We 11:30

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