Fuck For Forest


Fuck For Forest
Director: Michał Marczak
2012 / 90 min. / English-German-Spanish-Norwegian version with Czech subtitles

There are many environmental organizations trying to save the rain forests of the Amazon, but one charity group believes shooting porn movies can help achieve this goal. In this documentary, director Michal Marczak follows a group of Berlin-based activists, who, under the slogan "Fuck For Forest", make adult films and use the profits to buy back parts of the rain forest to help the natives of South America. Despite its title, the film is not trying to create a sexual sensation. It sensitively reveals the subculture of these eco-activists, and their motives in trying to help save nature and the tribal culture. The realization of their noble cause leads them along a very thorny path.

Awards: IFF Varšava 2012: Best Documentary

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Světozor - Big screening hall Koupit vstupenku 13. 4. Sa 18:30
Lucerna Koupit vstupenku 20. 4. Sa 21:00

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