Louise Wimmer


Lux Prize / To the point
2011 / 80 min. / French version with English and Czech subtitles
Director: Cyril Mennegun
Cast: Corinne Masiero, Jérôme Kircher, Anne Benoit, Marie Kremer, Jean-Marc Roulot

After a painful separation Louise ends up homeless and is forced to sleep in her car. While she earns a modest salary working as a hotel maid, she doesn't lose hope and continues fighting for a better future. Refusing help from even her closest friends, Louise struggles to make ends meet but is determined to succeed on her own. This realistic drama by director Cyril Mennegun is about a woman whose comfortable life is suddenly turned upside down, and she is left to balance on the edge of poverty. The film reflects the increasingly relevant European problem of a blurred distinction between a comfortable lifestyle and absolute poverty. At times, the fall to the bottom is only a few unexpected steps away.

Awards: The Golden Star Awards 2013: Best First Movie; IFF Belfort 2011: Audience Award; FIFF Namur 2011: Best First Feature

Contact: Films Distribution, 34, rue du Louvre, F-75001 Paris, France,                                                e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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