The New World


To The Point
2011 / 86 min. / Estonian version with English and Czech subtitles
Director: Jaan Tootsen

Is it possible to improve our environment and create an ideal urban living space? This film is about good intentions in a city where everyone is fighting against each other. What happens when the activists fighting to build a better world must battle against the people they are trying to help? Is it possible to continue the revolution even when the leaders begin losing their motivation? This film follows the protagonists of this small Estonian revolution over a period of 4 years. Many things change…. the activists start families, leave their previous jobs, learn the art of the compromise, and they begin using words such as "project", "contract" and "professionalism". However, tension grows within the group…. is it possible to continue when they all develop different interests? Is there still a way to discover the lost New World?

Awards: Estonian Association of Film Journalists Awards 2011: Best film

Contact: Estonian Film Institute, Address Uus tn. 3, EE-10111 Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Světozor - Small screening hall Koupit vstupenku 15. 4. Mo 18:45 

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