National League
2011 / 111 min. / Bulgarian version with English and Czech subtitles
Director:  Ivan Vladimirov, Valeri Jordanov
Cast: Ivan Barnev, Valeri Jordanov, Filip Avramov, Ina Nikolova, Marian Valev

One steamy hot summer, an abandoned Bulgarian beach provides shelter for a group of people who have, for various reasons, escaped from the city. A young couple on a romantic trip into nature want to leave all their troubles behind. A pair of brothers who have accidentally killed two secret agents are running away from the police. Then there is Ivo, who is trying to cheer up his friend whose wife has been unfaithful. Life is idyllic in this oasis of calm but it will not last forever. The group is bothered by the local investor who wants to build a new hotel on the beach, and conflict with the campers fighting for their newfound freedom cannot be avoided. This film about escaping from the city and fighting for personal freedom was an official Bulgarian Academy Award nominee.

Awards: IFF Moscow 2011: Special Mention

Contact / Gala Film, 1B Strumitza Str., BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Lucerna Koupit vstupenku 16. 4. Tu 21:00

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