In The Year of Hip Hop


Film & Music
2010 / 72 min. / Slovenian version with Czech subtitles
Director: Boris Petkovic
Cast: 6-Pack Čukur, Nikolovski, Jure Košir, Valterap, Thug connect

In the Year of Hip Hop takes a retrospective look at the Slovenian hip hop/rap music scene. Boris Petkovič explores in great detail the evolution of a music style which, from the very start, has intimately reflected the social situation of its artists. Hip hop has always absorbed the "vibes" of the place where it is taking root, and Slovenia is no exception. According to Petkovic, in today's Slovenia, rap is the one and only form of music that discusses the state of our society and of human relationships without any inhibitions. If rap is not your cup of tea, this film can make you change your mind!

Awards: Festival of Music Documentaries Croatia 2012: Best movie in Regional selection

Contact: Slovenian Film Centre, Miklošičeva 38, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it csfd_logo




Světozor - Small screening hall Koupit vstupenku 17. 4. We 18:45 
Panorama Boskovice 26. 4. Fr 17:00
Bio Central Hradec Králové 26. 4. Fr 20:00

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